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Free PDF Viewer for Windows

How to View PDF Files Quickly and Easily?


PDF files are great for sharing information and collaboration only when you use the correct tools. The enhanced and advanced PDF Reader - Free PDF Viewer for Windows, surpasses your expectations of what a PDF reader application can do. It is one of the easiest PDF viewer programs that you can read any types of PDF by clicking no matter it is normal PDF, digitally signed PDF, portfolio PDF or password protected PDF. It can also handle the image-only or scanned PDF.

Download Free PDF Viewer for Windows through the link we provide below and install it:

Download Free PDF Viewer for Windows

View PDF

In "Home" tab, click "Open" and navigate in the activated window to select the PDF file you want to read, then click "Open".

View PDF

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More Features

There are more you can do with the PDF in Free PDF Viewer for Windows:

More Features

A: Print the current PDF

B: Email the current PDF to others

C: Show PDF in its actual size

D: Adjust page size to fit entirely in the document pane, the width of the window or the height of the window

E: Zoom in/out or choose magnification percentage

F: Show bookmarks in the Navigation Pane

G: Show Page thumbnails in the Navigation Pane

H: Search text within the PDF

I: Associate PDF with Free PDF Viewer for Windows

J: Convert PDF to Word, Excel, JPG, etc.

K: Document Pane that shows the current PDF

L: Navigation Pane to navigate with page thumbnails/bookmarks

M: Go to the next/previous page as well as the first/last page. You can go to a specific page by selecting the wanted page number in the page menu

N: Convenient buttons to adjust view, work the same as buttons in D & E

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